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Ställ in dina preferenser för leverans och språk. Få tillgång till leveransvillkor och utbud för din valda plats. Din nuvarande varukorg kommer inte att sparas.

Our engagement
social, societal and

Our engagement
social, societal
and environmental.

Thanks to you, Sephora is the largest beauty community in the world. Thank you! A virtue which is driving us to do more to support those who are taking bold steps to make the world a better place... in all respects!

It is with this objective in mind that we launched “Sephora Stands”. With this programme, the SEPHORA brand not only undertakes but also proposes initiatives to help develop responsible social and environmental practices.

We want to make beauty cleaner, more respectful of individuals and ecosystems and support communities for greater solidarity and inclusion...

Today, and through this programme, SEPHORA, its partners and employees share a joint commitment which aims to increase their positive impact on the world around us.
Are you with us?

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